Justice for All Americans

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Justice for All Americans
Author: honeybunny Posted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 12:29:16 am

Dear Mike,

I just went to infowars and sent a e-mail to customer service asking Alex to help The Voice Of Truth host, Mike Parsons. I don't know how many requests he gets or if C.S. will forward it on to him. It was the only way to contact anyone at all there. I told them to check your site to find out what the locals in your small Tennessee town done to you. And I let them know you have a reference link to the infowars site as well.

I got into reading a article on infowars and article responses people had this following link for people to go to and I did. It is a wonderful site with a wonderfull song. http://bornagainamerican.org

I loved the song. It seemed like a good place to send to others as well.

Sincerely, HoneyBunny

Re: Justice for All Americans
Author: dantekalidas Posted: Fri Sep 4, 2015 7:50:41 am
Mike Get on Alex Jones, is where I found out about you from the one quick phone call. If you get on, please bring up Bill Windsor of Lawless America, who has been locked up as well! Type in lawlessamerica at Youtube to get the story. You may find some good tips by looking at ideas other people had and used. You are dealing with a group of psychopaths who continue because they have not been caught. Get Alex Jones to put some light on it. Best regards, Dante PS The corrupt system offers people rewards, perks, incentives, to get them to do what they do, it is all about sharing the spoils while spreading the corruption.
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